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The Jungle Friday

Jungle Bali came out of nowhere and quickly become the happening spot – ONLY on Friday nights though. The rest of the time it morphs back into being a quiet restaurant. The outdoor jungle atmosphere, abundance of cooling fans and the rice field view is what makes it tick. The quality club sounds throughout the entire place is also another reason why it’s packed every Friday night. Speakers and fans are everywhere. Some call it the new 66 Club (the famed Bali club for over 20 years that closed its doors a few years ago).  Whatever it is that makes this place tick, they’re doing it right. If you’re into outdoor Bali style venues and the happening, sexy crowd this is the place for you on Friday nights.


The Cashew Tree

The Cashew Tree was inspired by a restaurant that three friends in Bali.

The Cashew Tree was just really charming. A little enclosed garden full of happy people. The kind of gem you can only find hidden away in a hot and exotic place far, far from home.

The perfectly ripe pulp so thick you had to use the straw to scoop it up. These were, of course deadly, so utterly refreshing after a long day in the sun and so deliciously sweet they went down all too easily.


Drifter Cafe

Drifter Cafe Uluwatu is serving fresh healthy food for breakfast , lunch and Dinner daily from 8 am to 10 pm. With a focus on clean fresh local ingredients that fuel our surfing and active lifestyle needs, we have organic whole foods options for everyone that range from plant based to pescatarian. The cafe is also brewing up some of Indonesia’s finest coffee from “mandailing estate” in Sumatra. We also serve a selection of nutritious cold pressed juices from our Norwalk juicer, and a range of other specialty drinks


Pretty Paison

The design of the outside area of PP is mostly bare concrete that creates a great contrast with the sky and the rice paddies surrounding it.The seats are all made of old metal barrels that had been converted into either single seats or sofas. Recycled truck wheels made into coffee tables complete the look.

The inside is equally bare and industrial. Concrete floor-to-walls and the exposed black metal beams dress the ceiling. On one side of the large space is the bar. It has a minimal look with the drink menu painted on the wall and six metal lamp shades hanging on top of it. In the middle of the room sits a large purple velvet sofa that overlooks a large wall with a multitude of Playboy magazine covers as wallpaper.


The Shady Shack

The moment you arrive at The Shady Shack you know you have reached a very special place.

Its breezy, open, full of greenery and filled with quirky corners, mismatched furniture and hidden heavenly places to sit, eat and just be.

Providing food with healthy organic menu and healthy drinks suitable for breakfast and lunch and also provide cakes as well.

Zula is a Middle Eastern term similar to the English term 'home away from home'. it's an invitation to come into one’s home, relax and rejuvenate with food and drink prepared with love and sincerity.

Vegetarian cuisine with an international twist, quality organic ingredients, nutritional understanding and most importantly - love for the Earth. We believe in the purity and freshness of our ingredients and we go to great lengths to source the best organic ingredients locally.

We believe in the purity and freshness of our ingredients and we go to great lengths to source the best organic ingredients locally. We pride ourselves in making every effort to support local farming and guiding, through education, their efforts to improve their crops without using artificial fertilzers. These efforts, we hope, will improve the quality of all our lives through sustainable farming practices that produce more nutritious foods.

The menu is strictly Vegetarian and based on advanced nutritional understanding and Macrobiotic principles. The food is Organic, non-GMO, and cooked using traditional methods. The restaurant use pure Sea Salt, Spring Water, and Stainless-Steel Cookware and do not use artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers, or MSG


Perkasa Gym

Mighty gym is a sports venue with complete fitness equipment with monthly or daily packages. Prices are relatively cheap

Bima Gym

Want to build a more muscular and healthy body you can come to Bima Gym, this place is equipped with various macem fitness equipment and you will be accompanied by a professional instructor to make your exercise  more controlled again.


Welcome to Louis and friends, very comfortable homie style gym. With high class equipment and energetic feelings towards fitness. Friendly staff .


Hawa Gym Canggu

Hawa Gym has a new concept where all the fitness equipment provided is designed specifically for women and its use is tailored to the female body shape.